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Beautiful vacation photos in Madrid for a special occasion

October is one of the most wonderful month to obtain beautiful vacation photos in Madrid. Aidan knew this, and that was the reason why he prepared a surprise proposal. Spain is wonderful and its capital  is one of the most magic and beauty city with a lot of quiet places to take beautiful vacation photos. Telling your girlfriend that you want to spend the rest of your life with her, and asking her to marry you is a very special moment of your life and you want to remember all that happen that day.

When Aidan decided to propose Adriana, his thoughts went to the city where they met. Madrid was the started point in this story, because they lived here during a year as students. Madrid is an incredible photo destination.  However Aidan needed to find a special place to take this amazing and beautiful vacation photos in Madrid. He contacted us when when he was planning his proposal , because he wanted to make sure that every moment was captured. At the beginning he wrote me asking every detail, even about the angle of the photos that’s why I decide to have a coffee with him some days before the proposal. So we spent almost 3 hours visiting Cecilio Rodríguez Garden and speaking about all he need for that special occasion.

Surprise proposal photos or beautiful vacation photos in Madrid.

When I met Aidan I felt in love. This is not strange on me. He is so friendly and he speaks with a lot of love of Adriana that in that moment they conquer my heart. So they were going to have an amazing proposal photos as a beautiful vacation photos in Madrid. Twice in one.Do you know? Really I like of this couple is their smile. Always smiling and this is the best to take photos. People happy.

Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_01 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_02 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_03 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_04 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_05 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_06 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_07 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_08 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_09 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_10 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_11 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_12 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_13 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_14 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_15 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_16 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_17 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_18 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_19 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_20 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_21 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_22 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_23 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_24 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_25 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_26 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_27 Beautiful_Vacation_photos_in_Madrid_28

Do you want vacation photos in Madrid? Contact us.

And if you want to see a weeding in Cecilio Rodríguez Garden click here.

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